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VVS er en forkortelse for varme, ventilation og sanitetsteknik, men har tidligere stået for vand, varme og sanitetsteknik. Begrebet VVS dækker dog efterhånden over flere fag, uddannelser og arbejdsretninger. I bygningsingeniør-branchen er VVS en bygningsingeniør, som arbejder med vand, varme, afløb og/eller ventilation i forskellig sammenhæng. En “VVS’er” har typisk tæt berøring med eller arbejder med CTS, energi, fluid dynamik og flere andre fag.

Bygningsingeniør er en beskyttet titel, mens VVS-ingeniør ikke er. Derfor bruges ofte betegnelsen “bygningsingeniør med speciale i VVS” eller lignende. VVS-energiuddannelsen er en erhvervsfaglig, teknisk uddannelse, der udbydes af en række tekniske skoler. Den tekniske erhvervsudddannelsen varer typisk 4 år, afhængig af speciale.

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We’re never lost if we can find each other. If you need help, or can offer it, visit our support hub: www.facebook.com/covidsupport ... Se MereSe Mindre

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Thank YOU Facebook!!! Let's keep it positive. Love wins and heals and protects and prays....

Beautiful ❤️

Prayers for all. Never will we understand the purpose but the journey is better together!

Beautiful message! I am blessed to be home with my kids. They keep me going.

Friends we need each other support to get threw this virus there know other way ❤🙏❤

Thank You Facebook!! It helps me so much to get on here!!

We will all be okay. Evolution is always tough. Change is needed.

Thank you, Facebook. I am so appreciative that we have this platform to communicate - especially now. Facebook, if used properly - is a wonderful thing.

Thanks for this! I cried but happy tears. Reminds me I’m not alone and others also miss their friends but the beauty is in the fact that so many people are in this together so that we can protect those most vulnerable and that is just beautiful

This is one way of bringing the world 🌎 together show love,kindness and help each other. stop trying to find fault and criticize!! That causes arguments and that leads to....... Let’s rather work on forgiveness and love ❤️ Thank God for each new day 🙏🏻


Just told Husband I chatted with friends and family in Oregon, Washington, California, Florida, Georgia, Colorado,North Carolina, New Zealand and France. Thank you for making that possible. #ilovefacebook

I'm so thankful for fb especially in these trying times. Our life is so full of uncertainty we all are stressed,missing love ones at least I can stay connected and not feel so isolated. Stay strong my friends hopefully this virus will leave us soon !! Sending out my love,hope ,and prayers !!! God bless !!

Thank you FB! You have helped us to stay connected when we cannot be physically together.

This is beautiful. We are struggling and sacrificing but we will find a way to show our love for each other. Be kind! Be brave! Humans are endlessly creative and that will help us through. ❤️ I want to hug my family again and I hope it will be soon.

We are living in uncharted waters, but we're in it together. We will get through this. This was beautiful.....thank you! 😢😢😢

I miss people!!! I miss the smiles♥️the kindness😎the hugs. One month more and we are free hopefully to have joy again. ♥️🎈😎🎵🎶🎵🎶🎁🎤🌎🎵🎶🌹

This is a very hard moment, I’m from Spain and I’m with my husband and kids in NYC, I miss my family and I’m really worry about this situation, but I know that if we help each other and you STAY HOME as much you can, we’ll battle this! I love you Facebook, you put a smile and hopes in my face today🥰

But how impressive these pictures are. Heartbreaking, some of them, and then so impressive. The stories we will tell our children. How humanity came together strong. Like the earth needed a break and we all had to be reminded what really matters..... family, health and this planet. I am so touched. I am crying. <3

I've done more deep cleaning at home. I feel in control when I've achieve a new project. I sit out in my porch with my cat and wave at my neighbors.

And in time, this too shall pass! We all have each other! Share the Love !

Although, we have come together in many ways; things will never be the same again. We are the World!! Thank you. ❤️

Love this the situation here in our country is captured vividly in this video. Excellent. We will definitely remember this time as we are forced to grow spiritually, mentally & emotionally.🙏🏽❤️

God Bless All If you can go outside of you house on the porch or driveway and not be near anyone of it FRESH AIR IS GOOD FOR YOU.

Thanks Facebook for this up lifting message. My husband & I are still working. We are surviving this horrible situation. It has affected so many countries and people. Its s so sad & upsetting what so many others are going through. Praying for a cure for this horrible Coronavirus that is our modern day plague. God Bless all the Dr. & Nurses that are working diligently trying save their patients who are suffering with this terrible disease.

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Our FB page (Delfina Sport) has been suspended for week! We are a small Aussie swimwear business that has changed our production power to masks and have donated 4000 already! We have been on National News and want to help as many people as possible and have NO RESPONSE from your appeal. How can we help when Facebook is crippling our reach and therefore our small business. We have donated to health care, police and hospitals so far and have current ongoing conversations with the government in Australia about how we can help but FB has blanket banned us as a pop up mask company WHICH we are NOT. Please FB get in touch - you have cost us a week already.

I had to change my password because an unauthorized attempt to access my account was detected. after I changed the password, i no longer see notifications that I was seeing before. I have checked my notification settings and cannot find anything wrong.

I want to remove some pictures & add on Travels with Mary Lou from Total Travel Service. I did not put the add on nor the religious pictures.

This is in support of the page History of Music. The page along with Alessandro Sansone offer a priceless service to classical musicians and classical music lovers, and is truly a life line of comfort and inspiration in these dark times. It has been suspended for 40 days with zero reason at a time when people desperately need the comfort. I ask that History of Music immediately be re-instated on FB. Thank you very much.

Judy Frontiera. Please put me back on Facebook,been with you for yrs.It just went off. Being confined to my home because of the virus Facebook is helping me get thru the days. Also very informative . Thank uou

What's with all the ads for masks, gloves, etc. Our hospital health care workers can't get them and these fly-by-nights are all over Facebook. Get a little patriotic here FB.

God word reminds us at Romans 8 vs 32-Since he did not even spare his own son-Jesus;but handed Him over for us all ,will he not along with him freely give us all things.

I want to know how to manage anew page you presented to me...travels with Mary Lou from Total Travel Service. I added some pictures & some u wanted travel add showed up & some religious pictures showed up... I don’t like the page because it Ask me to advertise. I don’ know how to remove those pictures .

My husband would love to help but for some reason Facebook thought it appropriate to ban his account with NO notification at this time when it's crucial to keep in touch with he world. No posts have disappeared form his account or been highlighted as to why he's banned for 30 days. We have tried to contact FB through various ways but are being totally ignored. Do humans actually work there??

Sorry, something went wrong. We're working on getting this fixed as soon as we can. 👍

Our FB page (UNICITI) has recently seen a dip in post engagement and reach! We offer consultancy services on various urban issues to administrations and cities across Asia. We aim to use our social media pages effectively to reach out to such and other potential clients. While this might be clear on our end, the support we've received from Facebook has been nothing but disappointing. Till date, we've written you emails and raised issues through your help centre regarding our situation to avail NO RESPONSE at all. We strongly believe that our issues can be resolved only if we get a proper response from your end. Please let us know how we can get in touch with a person who can solve our problems at the earliest!

Why does my Birthday wishes & pictures of Balloons to my Friends Family member’s always not getting posted under comment I like to enjoy people’s Celebration of Life & God’s Creation !!! I think this is Very Rude & Wrong of you to not allow me to be a Part of this Celebration !!!

You are not always there when WE need you. You deleted my fan page after me having it for 9 years. Silly to you, but not When a person suffers from depression and a little fan page is all the joy that have in life and you delete it without giving someone a chance to correct your reason for deleting it (A clip from TWD is NOT copyright infringement.... that's what EVERY TWD fan page does), but instead of allowing me to remove the clips, you delete 9 years of my life, like it was nothing. Yeah, it's nothing to YOU people, but when it's all you have, Especially during all of THIS that's going on, that just makes you horrible people.

Hello, we have a fan page for the university camp. Since we are hosting a new camp, we need to change the old name, and when we change the name of the fan page, it says that it needs review, And it will tell me the result within three days, but after three days, it does not show any notifications, when I go to confirm again, it shows (your fan page name cannot be changed),so I would like to ask how to solve it? In addition, I would like to ask if there is any complaint channel or contact information of customer service staff so that I can easily explain the detailed situation to them. Thank you. Also hope to give me a Chinese channel if you can 🙂

Facebook Thank you for the #Stayhome picture frames. Now can we PLEASE have "Throw Away Your PPE instead of leaving it in every parking lot ever" frame... Okay,it can be simpler but seriously, PLEASE help nip this problem in the bud and spread awareness. I live in one of the more affluent counties in NY and still you have to go out of your way to not step on used gloves... My point is that this doesn't just have an environmental impact but it is counter productive to halt the spread. Please help ....

Dear Facebook, please do not block my response to my birthday greeters. They are not a spam. They are my personal reply to their greeting as a show of my appreciation. Your favourable action will be your birthday present to me.A comment of Happy birthday Ed from Facebook will also be a good booster☺️

I love Jesu's he can and the only one to help us he died for our sins took it upon him so we can have joy and eternal life ask him to forgive our ani Jesu's is god he loves u

Lies. You have removed videos simply asking people to wash their hands. You called it spam. Facebook sucks and you have blood on your hands.

Hey Facebook. New Zealand is in a lockdown. We are not allowed to buy or sell secondhand or new items as individuals could you please disable these buying, selling and garage sale sites for at least the next 3 weeks. The morons who are still trading are ruining our chance of eliminating covid 19 in our country.

I just lost my dog Jack. I did some research and found that the dog treats, Canine Carry Outs have propylene glycol as an ingredient. This is deadly for dogs. If anyone uses these treats,

I dpm't always get my Memories every day and sometime if I do, I can only see the first one? Is there still problems with the under sea cable to South Arica? Thank you so much. How do I see your answer please? I stubled on this by mistake. Kind regards. Be save/

Dear facebook team my friend account was disbaled by mistake She sents all the documents to Facebook via help and email But Facebook didn't provide any answers yet. The account is still non-active and disbaled.

How can we send you messages about fact checking something? IT'S NOT FAIR TO HAVE FAKE STUFF LAYING AROUND... in difficult situations. Honestly.

why do you keep deleting innocuous posts? people offering to make masks for health care workers .... deleted ... masks for neighbors .... deleted..... posts criticizing the daily "press briefing."... deleted. it is really strange. what is going on?

I have a question, my church has a facebook page but the creator of our page has forgotten the password as well as the profile. Is it possible to be able to reset our page or will we need to create a new one.

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Tune in here at 1:30pm PT to a Facebook Live discussion with Mark Zuckerberg, Dr. Priscilla Chan and Governor Gavin Newsom, where they will talk about California’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak. ... Se MereSe Mindre

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If you’re interested in learning more about Health Corps Recruitment please visit HEALTHCORPS.CA.GOV For general information please visit COVID19.CA.GOV

Thank you for this! Thank you two for your donation and providing this platform for Newsom to share information. I also think Newsom is doing a wonderful job! He’s honest, hard-working, polite, a good communicator, knowledgeable, etc.

How about letting us DJ's go live without muting us? We are trying to keep people entertained while at home. It would show you support us as well, DJ's, bands, and all artists have had gigs cancel. I know you won't see or do anything about this, just thought I would say something.

Hey, Facebook, you may want to provide a mechanism by which someone (Thomas Clay Jr.) using a fake profile (currently Hunter Thomas), who regularly gets suspended for his insulting vitriolic spew, and regularly flouts your suspensions with multiple fake accounts, can be reported if they've blocked you from that fake profile.

I had a beautiful evening in SantaMonica in 2005,with perfect dinner, a lot of vine and good company. It finished singing with Mariachos.

This was great. Very informative. I am very impressed with how the governor can keep everything straight. He comes across as really informed and working extremely hard for our state. Also that you two. I had no idea about all the support you provide behind the scenes; refreshing.

Mr Mark Zuckerberg what happened to the I tunes card you gotten from me and said that I would become wealthy and haven't heard from you since that is messed up carmony is going to get you for taken all the money I had at the time that's some sorry ass sh t

Selamlar mutlu günler Facabook benim başka sayfamı açamıyorum açarmısın lütfen Asla siyasallaştırmadım Yalnızca izin verilen videoları yükledim. Şarkılar Kendi fotoğrafımda diğer tarafı etiketledim lütfen sayfamı tekrar aç

Dear ♥ This account is very important to my friends She kept important records there. Also all family members are together in this account. It is very important for her to recover this account. She is upset with the loss of her account and her heart is broken. Email:limafaqiri6@gmail.com username:lima faqiri My friend send all necessary document.

Thank you for your generous donations Zuckerberg Family. At a time when it is needed. Mr. Newsom was very confident and aware of the details of the situation. That was refreshing to see on the west coast. Pretty wild that schools will not reopen this academic year. Over here on the gulf coast we can help with custom made face masks. We turned our clothing company into a face mask business until things go back to normal. Check out some of our unique work: 3rdpartypeople.com/product/march-together-masks/

Do you have a frame for those of us who work in essential business and are not "at home?!" I work as a van driver and I have driven supplies and services to clinics are hospitals in the area.

I am getting sick of ads popping up at the end of a facebook game to where you can't see your score cause it will not erase. This is aggravating and disgraceful and dishonest. Fix it!

Hi facebook team... There has been an issue I've been facing lately.... One of my friends account was hacked and despite reporting multiple times no action has been taken.... The hacker is constantly uploading owners pictures without her consent and this needs to be stopped immediately.... I don't know what to do as I've tried all measures and yet no action has been taken to suspend the account yet... Please help!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe that stupid comments block you for days and I have a lot of time trying to report a page that only promotes false news and xenobia against Venezuelans and do nothing but laugh at the community in our faces. Do something please with this page, I am tired of reporting it and you do absolutely nothing facebook.com/ViralPeru2003

I'm having issues logging onto my main fb account! i cant find anywhere to contact for help. ive tried confirming my ID but i get a pop up saying my account isn't disabled, ive also done a password reset and it logs on to a page asking if i need support but no matter what i click it doesn't close.

please we are a family we only have one computer each time facebook deactivates our facebook account wants the whole family to have one facebook it is unfair for you to access the accounts and see if there is a fraction we are nice and we do not exceed our limits these are the accounts which has facebook deactivated them I want you to activate them please 1-mlizmzita@hotmail.com 2-barhatih@hotmail.fr 3-bou-3afna@hotmail.fr 4-25100372 and many others it is the accounts of each family member or else I want to file a complaint against facebook tunisia because it leaves the accounts of the terrorists and people who make fraction and deactivates the accounts of the quiet people

Why? Why? Did you block me access to my FB personal account and my Group Page “The Livable Lovable Forest” ? I help ppl ever since Harvey Hurricane. Your wrong Facebook for doing this.

My id is stuck at the same position for last 10 days which shows You can not use facebook for a moment We are reviewing your submission just tell me how long Facebook is reviewing submission.i lost my id and i need it very much please help me Id is inayatfarooq013@gmail.com

Dear Facebook My identity is confirmed My email is confirmed My mobile number is confirmed but why is Facebook denying access to many features? I am denied access to my followers. Majority never get posts published. This is grave injustice. So many illegal restrictions been imposed against United States of Africa without even me being notified. This social Media suppression defeats the purpose why Facebook was created. Its severe injustice and wrong. My hope that all restrictions will be lifted as soon as possible.

I have a question and cant contact you to find the answer , you have illegal sales drugs guns ect which you can report pages for. But at the moment much of the world and my country the uk is in lockdown, but you have pages that are organising the breaking of the law . by selling things which normally wouldn't be illegal to sell but are illegal to sell because of covid and these lockdown policy's . is there anyway to take notice of this and suspend pages.

This was excellent. Very good to hear how California is as I am in Ohio. Very well done.

A great conversation. Kudos to Mark and Dr. Priscilla!

Hello. I am the sole administrator of the MtotoSchool page. Yesterday, one of my contacts received a private message from this page. I didn't send this message. I think my page has been hacked. I changed the password, but is it enough ? Is there anything else I can do to protect my page? thank you in advance for your help

Hello, I'm the owner of the page History of Music what is a culture page that I'm developping from 2016. Very much followed and in this period we could do many things for musicians that are not working anymore. It's more than a month that it doesn't work in term of views. The day before yesterday my editor wrote here and yesterday lukily the page restarted to work. Now is blocked again. Please help me. Thanks www.facebook.com/historyofmusic2016/

Mr. Coronavirus you came from China you hit the Queen's land and now you are stepping on the US you hit Lady Liberty with no kind of pity ...you are traveling with no fear or care ... here you are killing the joy of our children laughing, playing prom and graduation!! the sunny orange State is now infected .Our doctors and nurses doing their best ....our people on the hill are saying they are fighting to make the great pill so we all can survive this great ill